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Our next HES general meeting is scheduled for MAY 17, WEDNESDAY.


TIME: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


LOCATION: University of Hawaii, Gilmore Hall 306


SPEAKERS: Russell & Janine Zabel, Keepers of Australian Stingless Native Bees


Russell commenced honey beekeeping when he was 8 YO. By 17 YO, he was keeping 90 colonies. During this time he collected the occasional native bee colony, however his interest in native bees commenced after an article in the local paper about research into splitting native bee colonies in a box. This was 1988. He commenced a carpentry trade in 1974 and became technical college building teacher in 1984. After leaving work in 2012, he and Janine have devoted their full time to their native bee business. He and Janine have lived and worked in remote locations helping the locals aborigines understand native bees. The Zabels current manage over 500 colonies. Russell also assists his 82YO father manage 150 colonies of honey bees. Russell’s hobby is growing staghorn and elkhorn ferns!



TALK: Australian experiences with 600 colonies of Native social stingless bees & Italian honey bees


Janis N. Matsunaga 
HES Secretary

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